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Multimode Homing Head

The fully digitized homing sonar is capable of operating in passive, active and intercept mode simultaneously, ensuring optimal homing performance regardless of the threat torpedo properties. The active sonar frequency has been specifically chosen for optimal detection capability against wake-homing torpedoes and to ensure no interference from shipboard sensors.

Control and Guidance Section

SeaSpider features an advanced solid state microprocessor guidance system. It’s built in C&G logic incorporates special modes against wake homing torpedos and salvo attacks.

Compact and Nimble Design

SeaSpider is specifically designed as an Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo without multimission trade-offs. Its small nonstandard dimensions offer maneuverability which is greatly superior to any other existing conventional torpedo design. This is achieved without diverting from the low cost conventional rudder and fins arrangement.

Low Cost Solid Propellant Rocket Propulsion

SeaSpider ’s propulsion system is uniquely suited to the Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo role. This renunciation from the traditional torpedo propeller drive provides rapid reaction and excellent shallow water capabilities, as well as low self-noise in the homing sonar frequency range at low cost.

Maintenance Free Canistered Round

SeaSpider is supplied as an All Up Round for easy handling and storage. Maintained in a controlled atmosphere the SeaSpider Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo will not require maintenance beyond the depot-level maintenance and examination intervals. The SeaSpider canister also doubles as the launching tube for the ATT when inserted in the launcher.

Launcher Alternatives

The recommended launcher for SeaSpider on surface ships is the dedicated fixed launcher. The dedicated fixed launcher offers low space and infrastructure requirement, instant SeaSpider ready defense systems.

For refit programs or when space is limited however SeaSpider can also be launched from with a sub-calibre torpedo tube insert from existing lightweight torpedo tubes.

On submarines SeaSpider can be launched from dedicated under-casing launchers or with a heavyweight torpedo tube insert.

Surface Launcher

SeaSpider - Surface Launcher

Dedicated Launch Solution

SeaSpider - Dedicated Launch Solution

Torpedo Tube Integration

SeaSpider - Torpedo Tube Integration

Complete Effector Subsystem

For optimal use the SeaSpider Control Unit uses the data provided by the Torpedo Detection, Classification and Localization (TDCL) subsystem of a torpedo defense system to generate the firing solution and presets for the SeaSpider ATT mission.

A fully integrated system can provide the synergies for the most efficient and effective torpedo defense. Nevertheless SeaSpider can also provide effective defensive capability as a separate non-integrated Bolt-On or Stand-Alone system using any available sensors.